Increased functionality – increased possibilities

Collect data with a modern and secure SurveyEngine to get maximum response rates
with every end user device.   GDPR


Usability – optimized for any end user device
Automatic scrolling, visual confirmation and keyboard control transform participation into a modern experience

Comfortable questionnaire editor

Just a few clicks to get your own survey.

Questionaire editor

Flexible design

Create questionnaires according to your own ideas: questions, pictures, videos, audios & pages

Multilingual questionnaires

14 preconfigured languages, automatic speech recognition, create any number of languages per survey

Dynamic content

Personalized content, answer piping, randomizing pages, questions and answers

14 question types

Pictures, text, multiple choice, matrix, ranking, slider, scale, polarity, media upload etc.

Individual questionnaire procedure

Questionnaire progression based on response: Filters & jumps, logics & conditions & parameters

Personal branding included

Classic or modern? The layout configuration enables you to create your individual design for every survey.

Corporate Design
Logo, images, fonts, colors, CSS editor
100% Mobile Responsive
Automatic adjustment to each device
Gamification approach
With the used gamification approach participation is turned into a fun experience,
including automatic scrolling, visual acknowledgements, keyboard control and more.

Analyze feedback in real time and gain valuable insights

Visitors, participant groups, devices, jump history and more. - Your results, your individual evaluation.

Versatile filtering

Date, behavior, visitor source, device, language, answers, participant list, and parameters - individually or in combinations.

Individual reports

Create different reports and share them easily via a link with the persons involved.

Comparison filtering

Create different reports and share them easily via a link with the persons involved.

Export results

Export your partial and / or total results simply as XLS, CSV, PDF or SPSS.


1,000 possibilities to get reliable answers and valuable insights

Free yourself from the word ‘survey’ and replace it with feedback form or just form. You will immediately come across countless possibilities, where it is worthwhile to collect feedback or to optimize existing processes.

Employee surveys

Many companies underestimate the value of employee feedback. Get ahead and involve your employees. They will be thankful.

Events / seminars

Planning, organization and follow-up, planning an event involves loads of tasks. Simplify single processes and involve your participants.


"How can we help you?" Or "Did you find anything?" These are just two examples how to get in touch with your website visitors. Find out about their needs and improve usability.

Marktet research / scientific studies

Market research surveys will provide valuable insights for scientific studies and each new product launch.

Customer surveys

Customer satisfaction and regular revenue are highly correlated. Attracting new customers is the initial step, keeping them will be a long distance run. Keep your customers loyal by listening to their wishes you read from survey results.


Your company keeps growing and growing? Keep track of your suppliers, whether you desire direct feedback or an inquiry about quantities. Optimize your processes with the gained feedback.


Digital forms provide a variety of possibilities and simplify the processes. You can use them for on-boarding, exit interviews, inventory tracking etc.

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