Expand your marketing activities with automated e-mails

Reach your survey participants quickly and easily by e-mail. Integrate online questionnaires into your Mailchimp e-mail campaigns and get the data you need to create a personalized customer experience for your target group.

Created by: Zapier
Zapier acts as a middleman for data transmission.

Examples of integration

  • Create or update subscribers in your lists
  • Remove subscribers from your lists
  • Integrate surveys into your email campaigns
  • Automatically notify the appropriate people or departments by email as soon as a survey is completed or a specific response is given
  • Set up personalized thank you e-mails that are sent automatically at the end of participation


To use the mailchimp integration you need at least one free account with easyfeedback, with Mailchimp and with Zaüier.

Set up integration

To use the Mailchimp Integration, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a free account with easyfeedback
  2. Create a account with Mailchimp
  3. Create a free account with Zapier
  4. Open your Zapier account and create a new Zap there. Select easyfeedback as trigger and define the action to be taken based on the results.

You missing an app?​

Tell us about your use case and for which app an integration should be available.