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The evaluation of leadership and management skills is an important tool for managers to measure their own performance. By means of a 360-degree feedback, they can examine their own performance and optimize it based on the survey results. A 360-degree survey is not only important for the company but also for the personal development of the manager.

With a 360-degree feedback, a manager can assess himself or herself and from different perspectives. This includes those of employees, supervisors, customers and project participants. If one or more perspectives are omitted in the survey, it is also referred to as 180- or 270-degree feedback. When including multiple perspectives, it is much more effective than having only one, e.g. only from the employees. This enables a complete picture of the own assessment and external assessment.

However, when making a 360-degree feedback assessment a distinction must be made between personality traits (independence, idealism, or conscientiousness) and skills (leadership skills, motivation of employees, goal fulfillment or conflict management). A manager’s personality should not be compared to his or her management skills. This does not lead to valid results. Management leadership skills include, for example:

  • Business-orientated thinking and actions
  • Decision-making skills
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Personal initiative
  • Trust
  • Goal orientation
  • Personal appearance and communication

The concept of a management survey, also known as 360-degree feedback, should include questions that target or should target the manager’s skills. Skills can be acquired but personalities remain personalities. In addition, leadership “know-how” does not automatically mean a successful leadership. Here, the success of a manager from which a company will benefit from counts, regardless of their style. Therefore, the 360-degree survey should only include the fields of expertise that are relevant to the manager`s tasks within the company.

The structure of a 360-degree feedback is more complex than a simple survey regarding catering offers in an employee survey. Before setting up the concept and questionnaire for a management survey, the goals must first be determined. It is also important to assess your manager according to his or her performance and not based on his or her behavior. A precondition for a manager is to have the skills required for the position. Does this person have the necessary experience and business-relevant knowledge to occupy the position? Or does the manager have to be trained in some of the areas to acquire the necessary skills? These answers can be obtained through a management survey.

Please note: A 360-degree feedback or management survey should never be used for negative judgment of superiors. Even if it is easy for a participant to “let off steam” due to the anonymity, the survey should not be misused to this effect. Criticism is permitted and also welcomed in order to optimize management. However, the manager should not get the feeling that he or she is being shown off. For such a project, the manager should always be the initiator themselves. The results should only be communicated to the personnel department or management after the manager has personally approved these.

Examples of 360-degree feedback and which topics an online questionnaire can include:

Improving skills:
Managers require specific skills to successfully complete their tasks. This includes their scope of duties and those of their staff. In addition to organizational tasks, analytical and technical background may be required to successfully lead a team. By using a 360-degree feedback, a manager can have his or her performance assessed by others and in doing so, detect deficits. Targeted training can then take place based on the results.

Developing skills:
In addition to the necessary skills a manager requires, further skills may also be important, e.g. if the manager plans to occupy a higher job in management in the near future. In this case, the current skills may not be sufficient and must be expanded. The management survey is suitable for determining which skills need to be improved by using targeted questions regarding the required skills.

Leadership skills:
Without strong leadership skills, even the greatest skills of a manager are useless. It is their job to pass their knowledge and striven business success onto their employees and to continuously motivate them. Leadership skills can have a direct impact on the work environment. If this environment is unpleasant and rough, employees will most likely not be very interested in giving 100%.

In general, a basic rule for a 360-degree feedback is that the queried skills comply with the company goals. Adjust the concept of the questionnaire accordingly.

A 360-degree feedback will result in the following possibilities and goals:

Summary Result

  • Overview of the leadership situation
  • Determining personal leadership potential
  • Real feedback from various perspectives
  • Planning of development measures
  • Compilation of manager profiles
  • Control of personnel development
  • Planning of further training
  • Preparation for new team configuration

Which points should be considered for management surveys and what is the optimal way to set up the questionnaire for a survey?

Here are a few tips on how to create a survey on the subject of "360 degree feedback" and how to record skills:


The most important point in a 360-degree survey. This point must be complied with 100%; otherwise, the survey does not provide informative results. The participant must be able to answer honestly without having conclusions drawn in regard to him or her. For example, if a department (group of persons) only consists of 2 participants, it is recommended to consolidate them with another department to ensure anonymity.


Questionnaire set-up:
Here, it is essential to create clearly and neutrally expressed question and answer options in accordance with the defined goals (concept). Suggestive questions influence the answers of the participants. Moreover, please make sure that the questions comply with the company's goals and the manager’s personal development goals. To match the individual results according to the level of competence, you can specifically address and question the target-group on hand of a question at the beginning of your survey. By using the filter functions provided by easyfeedback, the results can then be filtered by individual or multiple groups. This can be bypassed by creating a multi-link for each group e.g. and distributing it to the respective group. Multi-links can also filter the results individually or in combination.


Following the survey, the results should be implemented. Which skills need to be expanded? What approaches for improvement are there? The team should also be included in the planning. This promotes cooperation and the employees are actively involved in the process of change.


Data protection:
As with any survey, data protection plays an important role. All surveys by easyfeedback are secured by default with the SSL encryption method. Therefore, we provide you and the participant with maximum security at all times. The survey tool, where you set up the questionnaire for the survey, is also secured with the SSL encryption method. Furthermore, we offer every customer a free contract for order data processing. You can obtain information regarding data protection and that you are in control of your data at all times here: Privacy Policy >

We are fully aware of the sensitive data that is collected in surveys. Therefore, we provide you with maximum protection for your 360-degree survey and other surveys according to our data privacy regulations.

The first step is to devise and define your goals. Plan your management survey with care and achieve great results.