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examples employee surveys

Employee Surveys

Ready to increase your employer brand appeal? Within improvements in employee satisfaction you can reduce labor turnover and gain better team performance.

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examples customer surveys

Customer Surveys

Do you know your customers’ needs? Gain valuable insights all along the customer’s journey. Direct customer feedback will help you to understand your customers’ views. Gather their options on every step to understand customer behavior.

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example 360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

Provide an opportunity to collect feedback from your own team. You can utilize the insights to measure the necessities of well-defined skill and competence developments.

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examples event/seminar surveys

Seminar Feedback

Questionnaires can help to plan, run, assess and analyze your events. No matter if you plan a conference, training or trip. The feedback of your participants will be helpful.

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examples marketresearch surveys

Market Research

Would you like to conquer a new market, test your next product or develop your customers’ demands? Simply ask for feedback. Your new survey will create the necessary data. Analyze the results to find out where to start.

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examples student & educational surveys

Students & Education

Empower your research work with empirical data through a survey, based on a ready-to-use template. Further templates can be used for collection of course feedback or prepare parents’ evenings in school.

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examples forms & questionnnaire

Quiz / Test

Turn surveys into a quiz or test and show the results to your participants straight after.

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example forms & questionnaire surveys

Forms & Questionnaires

Ready for the next step? You can deploy demand analysis, lead generation, contact forms and even participation confirmations with our survey system. Discover various possibilities and solutions.

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