Secure German data protection

Data protection according to GDPR

You can rely on our data protection!

Data protection according to EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR )

We want you to use easyfeedback without having to worry about data protection. For this reason, we explain here in an easy and understandable way how we actively implement the protection of your data and that of your participants.

The most important points at a glance:

Certified Server Location Germany (ISO27001)

  • Our servers are located in Germany and remain in the data center of Strato AG . We collect, store and process data exclusively in the Strato AG data center and do not use foreign servers or cloud services.
  • The Strato AG data center, and therefore your data, is certified and protected according to ISO27001 .
  • Maximum availability through emergency power generators, fire protection detectors, cooling and battery-supported, uninterruptible power supply.
  • Redundant data center architecture makes failure virtually impossible.
  • Advanced laser fire detectors and use of extinguishing gas.
  • Policies, logging, authorization concepts and access restrictions secure access to the systems for unauthorized persons.
Data encryption from the start
  • Every survey is secured with SSL encryption by default. This means that the answers are transmitted securely as soon as they are entered and cannot be intercepted.
  • The customer login is also secured with the SSL encryption method and thus your data, as well as the data of your participants, are protected from unauthorized persons.
  • Every access of employees to data systems is encrypted and only possible for authorized persons.
  • Each backup is fully encrypted and stored in a separate fire compartment.
  • Every password and IP addresses of your subscribers are stored in a non-reverse-encryptable cryptic hash. Thus, no one can read your password and we never have IP addresses of participants stored on our servers at any time.

Maximum security for survey participation

  • By default, every survey is secured with SSL encryption. This means that your participants’ answers are already transmitted in encrypted form and cannot be intercepted.
  • Google & Co. have no access to surveys from easyfeedback and have to stay outside.
  • We do not store any IP addresses of your participants in readable form. After the IP address has been read, it is converted into a 32-digit non encrypted hash and only then stored on our server.
  • Anonymous participation as default setting for each survey. Personalization only takes place if you actively set it or ask for personal data.

Trained and committed employees

  • All of our employees are trained on data privacy and know how to safely handle sensitive and personal data.
  • All employees are committed to data secrecy and confidentiality.
  • Our internal authorization concept allows only selected employees to access sensitive and personal data.
  • Uniform guidelines apply to all employees on the private use of the Internet and email, as well as on the use of private end devices.

Only selected service providers

  • Each service provider was checked in advance for the implementation of data protection and carefully selected.
  • We have concluded an order processing agreement with each service provider and assign the same obligations to them as to us.
  • We do not use any foreign tools or service providers that process survey data from participants.

Maximum protection and security

  • All data transfers are secured by SSL encryption method.
  • Each customer and user has access only to his data (multi-client capability).
  • Regular vulnerability scans, application of patches and use of the latest equipment and software maintain the security standard.
  • Daily backups (14-day retrospective) on a separate server in a separate fire compartment secure your data just in case.
  • Complex password policies and changing rhythms on data processing data processing systems secure access from unauthorized persons.