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Anonymous participation in easyfeedback surveys

In the context of increasing privacy and to increase trusting in participants in a survey, it is often necessary, that the participation is 100% anonymous.

Anonymity in a survey is divided into two areas:
1. Technical functions
2. Structure of the content of the questionnaire

We, easyfeedback, can only guarantee anonymous participation by the technical part. The author (customer) is responsible for the content.

100% technically anonymous participation guaranteed!

As a matter of principle the easyfeedback survey tool is configured for 100% anonymity. Only when the author (customer) activates personalisation or requests personal data is the participation personalised.

The technical personalization takes place via additions at the survey link. Cookies or IP addresses are collected and processed anonymously (see below).

If only the default survey link is used to invite you, then it isn’t possible for easyfeedback to create a connect by you as person to the results. It isn’t technically possible.

Why is this technically not possible?
Each survey has a unique survey link. This consists the domain, a free name, the survey ID and a 6-digit cryptic code.

For example:

These information are the minimum requirement to display a survey. If one character is missing, it is impossible to open the survey.

If 100 persons receive the identical link and 50 persons take part in the survey, the system has no chance of knowing which of these 100 persons has clicked on the link. How could the system know this? It lacks any kind of identification.

In this way we, easyfeedback, guarantee 100% technically anonymous participation, whenever only the standard survey link is used.

Cookies and IP addresses

The author (customer) can prevent multiple participation through a cookie and / or IP lock. In the case of the cookie lock, we set a cookie on the device with which you conduct the survey and compare this. If a cookie with the survey ID is detected, multiple participation can be prevented if this has been set by the author (customer). The cookie will automatically be deleted after 90 days. Cookies are automatically deleted after 90 days.

In the case of the IP lock we read your IP address, encrypt this into a 32-digit hash, which cannot be decrypted, and store only the hash on our server. When the survey is called again, we match the hashes with each other. As soon as the survey is deleted, we also delete the hash on the easyfeedback server. Thus, at no time is your IP address stored on the easyfeedback server.

For internal submission of 100% technical anonymity, we have prepared a certificate which you can download here: