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Surveys can be a valuable tool for educators and students alike. For professors and teachers, the advantages of a survey encompass the organization and evaluation on campus. For students, a survey can be an important instrument to evaluate their theories as well as drafts in order to achieve meaningful results. In both cases, genuine and valuable feedback is obtained which will improve the educational environment. “Knowledge is power” – the power to improve all areas vital to educational success.

Student evaluation using surveys

During your studies, you will be confronted with tasks where you need to support your thesis with convincing figures. Having a sense of a situation or market is not enough. You can only support your work with "real" facts (results) from a survey. With easyfeedback, you have a survey tool at your disposal with which you can quickly and conveniently set up a survey and conduct an evaluation.

Examples of student surveys for the purpose of evaluation:

Bachelor and Master Thesis
At the end of your academic studies (Bachelor or Master), it’s time for the thesis. This is the aspired highlight of any degree course. A strong thesis includes not only reporting facts but rather using in-depth and detailed facts you research to support your case. With a suitable questionnaire, you can enhance your research through use of meaningful information and directly integrate into your work. Use the potential of a survey to support your thesis.

(Market) Research
Objective research is not only required at the end of your academic studies. It is also required during each semester for individual or group work. With easyfeedback, you can set up surveys in groups or on your own and use for your studies. Create a questionnaire and invite your target group to participate. The automatic presentation immediately shows you the results of your evaluation.

Surveys in the education system

For educators, surveys are an effective way to evaluate and improve their courses. Students and parents can be included in procedures or feedback can be obtained regarding organizational routines. Whether at colleges, universities or schools in general surveys can be used for a variety of topics. Through use of easyfeedback surveys, you can achieve quick results in comparison to a questionnaire on paper.

Educational survey examples:

Parental involvement
Especially when students are young, then parents prefer to keep an eye on them, in particular on the course content and social environment of their school. Using interviews, parents can be directly involved in the procedures and provide valuable feedback: Where would parents like to have more support? Which areas need to be further promoted? But also in terms of organization, e.g. parent-teacher conferences, are surveys an ideal instrument to enhance coordination and revision work.

Course evaluation (student satisfaction)
Do your students lack interest or disturb the class? This may be an indication that the course content is not organized and presented in a way that makes it understandable and effective. If there is no student engagement, then the educator`s performance and motivation will diminish. A teacher evaluation conducted by students will prevent this. Consult your students` opinion regarding course content and include them in the organization. This will improve your performance and lead to greater student involvement.

Faculty feedback (teacher satisfaction)
Faculty satisfaction plays an equally important role. If the school and classroom environment meet the needs of an instructor, then their performance will remain constant and effective. Using a teacher survey, school administrators can receive answers in order to identify short-comings. A survey regarding satisfaction (same questionnaire) should be conducted at regular intervals in order to meet faculty demands.

Teacher and student surveys
In addition to specific surveys regarding course content or the satisfaction of teachers, surveys can also be used for general/global processes. For example, if changes on campus or in the cafeteria are planned or voting is to take place for an upcoming summer festival or the like. Online surveys can quickly be set up and can be carried out from any point of Internet access. Nowadays, every student and teacher has a Smartphone. Thus, surveys can be provided quickly and anywhere. The survey link can be transferred into a QR-code., which can be decrypted using a Smartphone, directly leading to the survey.

Which points should be considered for student evaluations and education surveys and what is the optimal way to set up the questionnaire for a survey?

Here are a few tips on how to create a survey on the subject of "Student Evaluation" and "Course Evaluation":


Choose a simple layout with the help of the layout configurator. No colorful elements, which may distract from the survey. Plain and simple in accordance with the institution`s design. Specifications can be implemented by means of color and font selection and a logo can be uploaded. It is advisable to choose a theme-related design for a student evaluation. If market research is being conducted for a product or company, the layout can be supported using the logo.


Questionnaire set-up:
Focus on the main issues and do not unnecessarily extend the length of the questionnaire. The patience of your participants is not endless. Furthermore, avoid negative statements and duplicate questions, which can be misleading. Ideally, provide one question/topic per page. Finally, optimize the layout width (layout configurator) according to the longest (widest) question.


Multilingual questionnaire:
If two languages are spoken at your college or university or it is an international school, then you can and should setup the questionnaire in two languages. This gives each participant the opportunity of taking part in the survey in his or her preferred language.


Depending on the type of survey, you have a range of invitation options. For surveys applying to all students, you can post the survey link on the intranet and/or on the bulletin board. If you know your participant group, you can send personal invitations using the email invitation tool.


Personal approach:
A personal approach should always take priority over an anonymous one. As soon as you know your participant group, parents or faculty by name and their email addresses, you can personalize the email using the invitation tool in the survey tool.


Data protecting:
As with any survey, data protection plays an important role. All surveys by easyfeedback are secured by default with the SSL encryption method. Therefore, we provide you and the participant with maximum security at all times. The survey tool, where you set up the questionnaire for the survey, is also secured with the SSL encryption method. Furthermore, we offer every customer a free contract for order data processing. You can obtain information regarding data protection and that you are in control of your data at all times here: Privacy Policy >

We are fully aware of the sensitive data that is collected in surveys. Therefore, we provide you with maximum protection for your survey and other surveys according to our data privacy regulations.

The first step is to devise and define your goals. Plan your survey with care and achieve great results.