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The fastest way to reach your participants is to use the easyfeedback e-mail invitation tool. Alternatively, you can also invite to your survey via your own mailing list.

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Your participants are mobile and connected. Simply place your survey on social networks. With one click, you can place the survey in one of the popular networks.

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Are you still missing participants for your survey? On pollpool you get free participants to your survey. Just copy the survey link, share it on pollpool and get answers.

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Gender, age, place of residence, language, answers, etc. Set individual filters, once or in combination, and evaluate the results of your online survey.

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Market Research

To achieve the Bachelor or Master, the submission of a student thesis in a selected subject area belongs. To support this thesis, an online survey in industry or in the target group helps. Learn from this example how to support your thesis with a short online survey.

Student Satisfaction

At the center of schools and universities are the students. But what about their satisfaction? If these are dissatisfied, then this is transferred to the faculty and in the end to the "reputation" of the school or university. Do not lose sight of the students. With a short online survey you gain important insights into satisfaction.

Evaluation of Teachers

Change perspectives and let teachers assessed by students or colleagues. With external feedback, each teacher receives a meaningful result and learns in which areas it can improve.

Parent Evening Feedback

Gain important insights and feedback on school events with parents and leaders. Are the contents discussed useful or is everyone satisfied with the situation? But even if topics have remained open, you can still obtain feedback via an online questionnaire.

Parent Evening Planning

Every event requires a lot of planning, even if you have already done this X times. On the one hand there are organizational issues to clarify and on the other hand the contents. With a short survey to plan a parenting evening, you will receive feedback quickly and can incorporate wishes.

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Anonymity on / off

Any participation in easyfeedback surveys is anonymous by default. However, it is sometimes necessary that the participation take place in a personalized way. You decide for yourself how far you want to personalize: name, group or complete - it's up to you.

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Data protection "made in Germany" (GDPR)

The security of your data has the highest priority. With easyfeedback you rely on a tool that meets the requirements of German data protection. Find out everything about the measures and how you can implement your survey in compliance with data protection.

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