Feedback on your support allows you to improve the quality and consequently the customer loyalty

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Befragung zur Qualität des Kundensupports erstellen

This ready-to-use survey template will help you create a long-term bond with your customer. Because after purchase, support is your biggest interface with the customer.

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“Identifying customer needs is an essential part of our business. easyfeedback accompanies us for many years as a loyal partner in this task. We particularly appreciate the intuitive usability of the survey tool as well as the professional support.”

Franziska Becker
Guild Lead User Experience Research
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“We use easyfeedback for internal and external surveys – fast, comfortable and really easy! Straightforward and cordial support can always create a smile. We really appreciate the permanent development of the platform.”

Jennifer Fischer
Guest & Competitor Insights Analyst

Content and targets of this template

Every contact with support is a user experience  for the customer. What is your customer’s experience? Find out how good your support is, whether there is room for improvement, and get customer feedback on service quality.

A satisfied customer is most likely to remain your customer. Resolving problems creates the user experience that customers remember. Survey your customers about your support experience and identify strengths and weaknesses. Provide solutions that your customers really want.

So a questionnaire about the quality of your support can help you optimize the customer experience in the long run.


• How fast is my support
• Identifying weaknesses and strengths
• Making problems visible and solving them
• Uncovering customer requirements
• General feedback on support


• Increase customer satisfaction
• Identify churn risks
• Find opportunities for improvement
• Increase service quality
• Improve the user experience
• Strengthen customer loyalty

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