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Content and targets of this template

You have the feeling that your website is well received by your visitors and looks good. The corporate identity  is conveyed and everything fits together perfectly. But does your visitor see it the same way? Does he receive the message you wanted to send? Of course, the visitor can only interpret what he sees.

Do you have a simple or complex site? Do your visitors have an affinity for the Internet or are they just casual users? Find out and ask with a customer survey. Our Experience Feedback template will make your survey easier.


• What does the visitor want when using the website.
• Determine the goal and purpose of the visits
Do customers want more or less variety
• Obtain feedback on user experience


• Being able to meet customer needs
• Increase efficiency
• Use budgets wisely
• Effectively convey corporate identity and message
• Improve user experience

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The term usability is a measure of the extent to which a product, system or service in a particular application area is suitable for supporting the user in achieving his or her particular goals effectively, efficiently as well as satisfactorily. Synonyms such as user-friendliness or usability are often used in connection with the term usability.

If the term usability is used in the context of websites, it refers to the user-friendliness of a site. The goal of website usability is to ensure that the site visitor reaches his or her goal as quickly as possible and with the least possible effort. For this purpose, factors such as easy navigation are just as relevant as visual appearance and design.

In order to satisfy the users of the website, constant optimization is necessary, taking into account new guidelines, trends and current developments.

The website is your company’s business card and usually also the first point of contact that the customer has with your company.

Therefore, websites need to pick up their visitors right from the start, so that an intensive engagement with the offered content can take place. Otherwise, they will quickly leave again.

Competition is particularly high in the e-business sector; after all, competitors are only a click away for the user. If the page does not meet the user’s requirements, be it technical or design-related, it will be closed again within a few seconds.

This must be avoided. So the goal is to present the offer and the content as attractively and informatively as possible. As already mentioned at the beginning, the first impression of the website is crucial. If you do not present yourself well here, then this may also have negative effects, on the one hand on the image of the company and on the other on a possible purchase.

In addition, the user-friendliness of the website is an important criterion for search engines. A fusion of good SEO as well as good usability additionally ensures that your site can be found and accessed more frequently by search engines in the search results. This leads to an increase in traffic on your website.

User experience describes the user experience or the user experience of a user when interacting with a product, a service, a system, a facility or an environment.

Unlike usability, which is concerned with effectiveness and efficiency in user behavior, user experience is concerned with the fulfillment of needs and the corresponding user experience.

The goal of user experience is that the user leaves the application as happy and satisfied as possible and ideally returns. The user should be emotionally addressed and excited.

Three factors are crucial for a good user experience: Usefulness, aesthetics and stability. If all three aspects are present, this leads to a high user experience.

The content of the website also has a great influence on the user experience of the consumers. The content should always be tailored to the target group, easy to grasp and attractively designed. It is also important to address the target group according to their needs, so that they immediately feel addressed and emotionally picked up.

The visual design of the page is also relevant for a positive user experience. It should be geared to the taste of the target group, but also make the content easy to consume.

Furthermore, the added value that is achieved with the help of the website should be in the foreground. To stand out from the competition, the unique selling proposition of the offer should be highlighted.

With the help of “call-to-action buttons” you can finally give your customers the final push to react to the offer or the target effort of your website, for example a newsletter subscription.

A website is created quickly. But what makes a website a good website? For this, it makes sense to pay attention to various factors, which we have explained to you below.

An important factor for a good user experience is the clear assignment of the homepage. It should be immediately recognizable to the user which subject area the homepage deals with and which products or services are offered.

Furthermore, the structure is an important aspect for a good website. A clearly structured page and a simple navigation contribute significantly to this. It should be clearly recognizable to the user via which point he reaches his question or the product he is looking for. All menu items should be short and concise and limited to the essential points.

Also ensure that the visual design of your website is consistent. Use a consistent font and font size, place the logo and other graphic elements in the same place. This also applies to the wording. Use consistent words and make sure that your texts are easy to read.

The design of a website is also a relevant factor. A good web design arouses curiosity. A modern and well-designed website arouses the interest of your users and makes them curious for more. A coherent and pleasant color scheme is just as relevant as a sparing use of animations.

Too many animations are not only strenuous for the eye to grasp and may distract the user from the essentials, but also often lead to display errors or long loading times. Since the speed of a website is also an important factor for the assessment of a website, you should
limit gimmicks and animations to the most necessary.

Also consider the display on different devices such as smartphone, tablet or PC.

With easyfeedback you can easily create your own survey on the topic of website feedback or you can use our ready-made survey template and adapt it to your needs.

A survey on the topic of web usability gives you the opportunity to check at regular intervals whether the user understands your website and whether he finds his way around it. In this respect, a survey is a good instrument to get valuable feedback for the optimization of your website.

With a targeted evaluation of the questionnaire, you can identify potential problems and barriers on your website and eliminate them. In addition, you will learn what expectations and wishes your customer has for your website.

In this way, you can sustainably improve the user experience of your customers and thus also increase your efficiency.

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