Have you ever thought of implementing your contact form with an online questionnaire?

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Use online questionnaires as contact form

With this ready-to-use survey template you can create a GDPR compliant contact form and customize it to your needs. This opens up many new possibilities for you.


“Identifying customer needs is an essential part of our business. easyfeedback accompanies us for many years as a loyal partner in this task. We particularly appreciate the intuitive usability of the survey tool as well as the professional support.”

Franziska Becker
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“We use easyfeedback for internal and external surveys – fast, comfortable and really easy! Straightforward and cordial support can always create a smile. We really appreciate the permanent development of the platform.”

Jennifer Fischer
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Content and targets of this template

Your online contact form is a piece of your external appearance. Don’t just let the customer see gray, prepare a pleasant atmosphere for communication along the customer lifecycle. Customers remember it and take a good feeling with them.

Data evaluation brings the good feeling to you as well. Respond to inquiries more efficiently. Segment type, purpose and responsibility.

Implement your individual GDPR-compliant contact form with an online questionnaire easily and quickly with easyfeedback.


• Why does the customer ask
• What is the target
• Who is the target
• Is there time pressure on the customer or is it about information


• Increase efficiency through targeted customer surveys
• Giving customers a good feeling
• Easy operation for customers and employees

GDPR compliant online surveys

Data privacy protection „made in Germany“ (GDPR)

Anonymity for participation in surveys guaranteed

Anonymity functions for open feedback

Almost everything you need to know about contact forms

An online contact form is an electronic application in which data is entered via predefined data fields for recording and further processing.

This digital form is often included on websites so that a person can use it to contact the website operator, be it an individual or a company, more easily and ask his or her concern or questions.

An online questionnaire can be designed individually and also according to your company’s corporate design. This ensures a high recognition value and sets your contact form apart from others.

Another advantage is that you can share the link of the online questionnaire across all possible channels and you do not have to elaborately redesign the contact form for each channel.

For example, you want to use the contact form in a social media post? Then you can easily integrate the link of the contact form in the post itself.
Another example is to integrate the contact form via link in a shared company presentation. This way, readers can click on the link when needed and the contact form opens via the internet browser as a modern online questionnaire.

It is also possible to integrate the online questionnaire with your CRM system so that the data collected can be transferred automatically. Online questionnaires with easyfeedback, for example, comply with data protection according to GDPR. This means you do not have to worry any further about the data protection of the contact form offered.

We have compiled the following tips for you to make the contact form modern and customer-friendly:

1. Keep it short and only ask for required data.
2. Enable validation of text fields.
3. Design uniquely & according to corporate design.
4. Provide feedback after sending the form.
5. Tie the contact form to your CRM system.

In just five steps, you can create your own contact form as an online questionnaire with us:

1. Register for the easyfeedback survey tool for free.
2. Start with our template or create your own contact form with our questionnaire editor.
3. Select the question types you need and include an active clickable privacy notice.
4. Give the online contact form your own visual touch.
5. Publish the questionnaire and include the online contact form via iframe, as a link or through our website integration wherever you need it.

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