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Create an order form with an online questionnaire

With this ready-to-use survey template, your customers can easily initiate an order without having to scan or fax it.


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Content and targets of this template

Save paper and avoid errors. No more typing orders, no more mistakes during data transfer. Create your order forms easily online with easyfeedback.

Save time when creating new customers. New orders go easier with an efficient online order form.

You can embed the link on your website or send it by mail. Orders become more convenient and reliable.


• Contact details of the orderer
• Order quantity of product or service
• Desired delivery date
• Additional information


• Improve the ordering process
• No transmission errors due to typing of paper order forms
• More efficient processing of orders
• Fast processing

GDPR compliant online surveys

Data privacy protection „made in Germany“ (GDPR)

Anonymity for participation in surveys guaranteed

Anonymity functions for open feedback

Almost everything you need to know about order forms

An online order form is an electronic document or web application where a buyer submits data such as name, address, phone number, product name, quantity as well as the desired payment method to the seller.

An online order form can be used flexibly and allows you to complete the order process quickly and easily. All data of the order process is summarized in one document and made available for further processing. This helps you to keep track of your orders and to avoid mistakes.

Furthermore, the use of an online order form can simplify the ordering process for both you and the customer. For example, by offering the possibility to place orders 24/7. This way, your customers are not bound to telephone consultation or opening hours and can conveniently place the order from anywhere. You can then process and ship the orders at your usual times.

Compared to using a paper form, it is also a cost- and time-saving option due to the avoidance of printing and administrative costs. In addition, you save yourself tedious data entry work in order to digitize the orders in paper form at great expense.

By connecting to your CRM system, for example, it would also be possible to automatically record the data provided from the online form and pass it on in a simple manner.

The other advantages of an online order form include:

  • immediate up-to-dateness after processing
  • individual and dynamic design of the form
  • mobile-friendly depending on the tool used
  • integration on homepage and in e-mail possible
  • verification of data entry reduces errors
  • no transmission errors due to manual typing of paper order forms
  • GDPR-compliant design possible through active declaration of consent

It’s very simple. You only need a few steps:

1. Register for free for easyfeedback.
2. Start with our order form template.
3. Adapt the template to your needs using the questionnaire editor.
4. Give the template your own visual touch with our layout configurator.
5. Once published, embed the online order form where you need it.

That’s it.

Yes, you can. You can integrate an order form via online questionnaire on your website in various ways. For example, place the survey link on your website or integrate the questionnaire via iframe on the page provided for ordering the products offered.

We also offer you the option of integrating the online questionnaire as a button, a tab, a focus layer or a pop-up on your homepage.

Below we have compiled some tips for creating and designing an online order form:

  • only ask for data that are relevant for the order
  • guide the customer through the order form
  • give feedback in case of input errors
  • brand the order form with a suitable background image, logo and the fonts and colors of your corporate identity
  • design DSGVO compliant with checkboxes for active consent to process data

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