How to plan your next seminar with a survey

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The organization of seminars is often associated with some challenges. Especially as a beginner the routine of planning such an event is often missing. But even experienced professionals are usually confronted with one or two difficulties.
This awaits you – table of contents:

Determine the organizational framework

Apart from the organizational basic conditions such as the reservation of the perfect area, the necessary equipment or planning of the food offerings, also the theoretical as well as practical contents of a seminar are to be prepared target group-fairly.

Above all the latter should be in the foreground during the preparation of the event. Because a seminar is about the competent switching of thematic learning contents for the qualification and (further) training of persons. Thematically unsuitable or incorrect content can quickly lead your seminar to failure.

But also organizational mishaps such as lack of equipment or the wrong food for participants, e.g. with a food allergy, can negatively influence your possible seminar success.

Therefore, use seminar feedback as an effective tool for event organization, for a more relaxed and success-oriented preparation.

How can surveys help me plan my seminar?

Surveys for planning your seminar can help you in many ways. For example, they can help you prepare and adapt the theoretical and practical content based on the group of participants.

For this purpose, ask the seminar participants about their wishes, needs and expectations a few days or weeks before the seminar begins. You can also ask and clarify general questions from the participants in advance.

In addition, a seminar survey gives you the opportunity to use a registration form to record the number of participants more precisely, to better estimate short-term commitments, and to integrate surveys into the processes of marketing the seminar.

Organisatorische Rahmenbedingugen besser planen
Surveys help you to organize your event in a goal-oriented way.

Another advantage of surveys is that they can also be applied in organizational areas. From the program flow, to the service providers, to the regulations that must be observed. The more detailed everyone describes their particularities, the easier it is for you to coordinate.

Save yourself time having to contact each one individually and use the collected feedback as a planning basis for a relaxed event coordination.

In summary, a questionnaire for better seminar planning can help you as follows:

  • Query expectations, wishes and needs of the participants
  • Prepare/adapt contents and materials according to the participant group
  • Clarify general questions of the participants in advance
  • Exact number of participating participants received
  • More relaxed event coordination

What goals can I achieve with a survey to help me plan my seminar?

Basically, the primary goal of a seminar should be that the course is a complete success for you and your participants. Above all, your participants must leave the seminar satisfied at the end and have the feeling that the provided training has brought them added value.

Already in the planning phase of the seminar the foundation for its success must be laid. This includes that you need to know how many people will participate in your event. Building on this, you can plan the organizational framework such as room size, equipment and catering in more detail.

Prepare a structured schedule for your seminar with a preliminary survey and additionally adapt the theoretical and practical contents according to the expectations and interests of the individual participants.

Would you like to learn more about event surveys with easyfeedback?

This way

What questions could I ask the participants when planning my seminar?

Which questions you would like to ask the participants in advance depends on how much you need for the detailed planning of the seminar and what relevant information you want to obtain with the survey. Below are a few possible questions for planning your seminar:

Will you participate in the seminar?

How did you hear about the seminar?

Who will cover the costs of the seminar?

What topics do you expect or are you most interested in?

Do you have any food allergies (regarding food offerings)?

Do you have any questions in advance?

Can I use a survey as a registration form?

Sure, that’s possible! You can also design surveys as forms or questionnaires. The structure and content of your questionnaire is up to you – so you can also use a survey to register for an event.

In combination with an automatic confirmation e-mail you can send your participants a confirmation including further information.

This allows you to completely cover the planning and later feedback with easyfeedback, for example.

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