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Structure your event registrations in a dashboard. Start by redesigning and simplifying your registration process based on a questionnaire.​


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Content and targets of this template

A well-planned event is a complete success. But where does the information for event planning come from? Inform the expected participants and get feedback via online form.

Guests have expectations and are happy to share them. Open your ears to your attendees so you can subsequently meet expectations. A successful event starts with details recognized early.

Try our template as a registration form for your next event. Event coordination can be so relaxed when you know what event attendees want ahead of time.


• Recognizing expectations
• Motivation for participation
• Clarify questions in advance
• Preferred way of contacting


• Satisfied guests
• Plan number of participants more precisely with the help of an online form
• Fewer last minute adjustments
• Be able to prepare a more secure event
• Assess last minute commitments
• Run a successful event

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Almost everything you need to know about registration forms

A registration form is a text template that requests information, such as name, telephone number, or e-mail address, about a person participating in an event. A distinction is made between registration forms in paper-based or digital form.

To answer this question, let’s first look at what a typical paper-based registration process looks like:

A paper form is created, printed, and usually distributed by hand, mail, or fax. In some circumstances, registration forms are also completed over the phone or on-site with invitees. After a few days or weeks, the forms are gradually returned completed. The registration forms are then checked for correctness and completeness and the information received is further transmitted.

Online registration forms, by their digital nature alone, have the advantage of saving unnecessary costs for printing and mailing. With the right tool, there can be other advantages over paper-based registration forms:

  • Incorrect data entry is reduced through verification
  • easy creation and editing of the form
  • individual design of your registration form
  • reusability of the form
  • automated data transfer to your CRM system
  • flexible invitation options and integration on the website
  • collection and processing of data according to DSGVO
  • Work and administration effort remains low

Digital registration forms can be used for all kinds of events, be it conferences, trade fairs, corporate events, seminars, webinars or workshops. But they can also be used, for example, to register for a newsletter or for sweepstakes promotions.

Sure. Below we have compiled some tips for creating and designing an online registration form:

  • Create short forms and only ask for necessary data.
  • Arrange input fields below each other and not next to each other
  • Divide related content into blocks or separate headings
  • Automatic validation of the entered data
  • Provide feedback during completion (communicate error messages directly)
  • Make it attractive and inviting, if possible in your corporate identity
  • Link the registration form to your own website

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