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With this ready-to-use survey template, you can find out how your company is perceived as an employer. This way you will be able to improve the working atmosphere and satisfaction.


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Content and targets of this template

How attractive is your company for new applicants? Find out how your company is perceived as an employer.

The working atmosphere and employee satisfaction play a decisive role in determining how interesting an employer will be in the future. Change the perspective with a short employee survey.

Identify the key factors of employer attractiveness. Your employees can help you with their individual perceptions.

Ask them why they like working for your company. Are they satisfied with the benefits and conditions offered? Do all areas experience the necessary appreciation? Get an idea of the extent to which corporate values are lived out.

With a questionnaire to determine the attractiveness of an employer, you have the opportunity to strengthen your employer brand and develop it competitively.

Become the employer of choice for talented employees and retain your existing staff by increasing their motivation and satisfaction. Remain attractive as an employer!


• Company and workplace satisfaction survey
• Appreciation and recognition
• Strengthening attractiveness as an employer
• Determining the level of knowledge about corporate values


• Recording the mood among employees
• Feedback on the corporate mission statement from the perspective of employees
• Overview of the different perspectives on corporate culture 
• Attracting and retaining talent
• Strengthening and developing the employer brand 

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Almost everything you need to know about the employer brand

With an employer brand, a company presents itself as an attractive employer with the help of marketing strategies.

The goal of the company is to positively differentiate itself from competitors on the labor market and to attract new employees, but also to motivate and retain existing employees through the implementation of targeted measures in the area of employee retention. The employer brand contains, in particular, a uniform mission statement with which the company’s values are to be communicated.

If the company succeeds in strengthening the employer brand and thus positioning it well, this can mean an enormous competitive advantage on the labor market.

Companies that present themselves as an attractive employer on the labor market through an employer brand find it easier to find suitable applicants for open positions. This is a major advantage, especially in industries with a lack of skilled workers. A high level of employer attractiveness keeps them in the game in the “war for talents,” i.e., the competition for young, talented workers.

In addition, companies retain their existing staff by increasing their motivation and satisfaction. In this way, they avoid high fluctuation within the company and save costs. Satisfied employees are also more productive, sick less often and enjoy their work, which also benefits the company.

One important aspect of a good employer brand is addressing the right target group. For example, in order to attract young potential candidates, it makes sense to address them via channels that they also use. This includes social media in particular.

A modern career page on the company’s homepage or image videos can also be a good way to attract the attention of potential new employees. The goal should be to use the employer brand to create positive associations and thus increase the attractiveness of the company as an employer.

Another important aspect is transparency. The channels described above can be used well to gain authentic insights into the company and everyday working life. This can be achieved particularly well through employee testimonials and interviews or even “fun facts” about the company. The more creative, the more likely the company is to stand out from the crowd.

The definition of a mission statement, consisting of the most important corporate values, is also part of a good employer brand. The mission statement should be designed in such a way that the potential candidate, but also the already hired employee, can identify with it. A good employer brand also has an impact on employees who have already been hired. It strengthens the “we” feeling, motivates and retains employees in the long term.

A survey on employer attractiveness initially provides you with a wide range of information: You can capture the mood among employees, get feedback on the corporate mission from the employees’ point of view, and get an overview of the different perspectives on corporate culture.

The results of the questionnaire initially show you where you currently stand (current status). Determine whether there are any points that are consistently rated negatively. This will give you a starting point for improvement. Or do your employees praise one aspect in particular? Then use and communicate this aspect of your employer brand to attract potential new employees.

In this way, you strengthen your employer brand and develop it further. This increases your attractiveness as an employer, which in turn attracts new talent to your company.

Three groups of people are suitable for a survey on the attractiveness of the employer brand. These are employees already employed by the company, former employees and potential new employees.

The potential new employees are external people who have no previous connection with the company. Therefore, it is more difficult to find suitable candidates for the survey. One possibility is to survey high school or college students. An interesting target group here could be students from the company’s specialist area.

From the results, you can particularly derive insights into how well known your employer brand already is. Do the respondents know your company? If not, this means that you can further expand awareness of your company with the help of the employer brand.

Since every company is unique, there is no single questionnaire that fits every company. However, you can use the following questions as a guide when creating your questionnaire:

Internal company questions about the employer brand:

  • How satisfied are you with the company and your job?
  • Do you receive enough appreciation and recognition?
  • How can we strengthen our attractiveness as an employer? What do you want from us?
  • Can you identify with our corporate values?
  • Would you recommend our company as an employer to a friend or family member?

Questions external to the company about the employer brand:

  • Do you know our company?
  • How did you become aware of our company?
  • Do you know our company mission statement?
  • Could you imagine working for us?
  • What could we improve in your view to become more attractive to you as an employer?

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