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With this ready-to-use survey template, you can analyze your customers' needs. This way you can respond to their needs exactly and increase the completion rate for orders and sales.


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Content and targets of this template

Every purchase made by a customer has its purpose and is intended to meet a need. What needs, wants, fears and expectations do your customers have? Use our market research questionnaires to get the answers you need from your customers for an optimal needs analysis  .

These and other templates are available to you free of charge. Use our needs analysis template for your own survey. The link to your survey can be distributed to your customers via email and website.


• Customer needs
• Customer expectations
• Customer benefits
• Customer goals


• Needs analysis via online questionnaire
• Optimization of the offer for the best possible deal
• More targeted selling
• Develop effective targeting
• Forecast demand better

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Almost everything you need to know about needs anaylsis

A demand analysis is a procedure that is applied in many different areas and is used, for example, to determine the demand for goods, services or personnel in a specific period.

For example, in hospitals, a demand analysis is used to determine the number of hospital beds and medications. Within a manufacturing industry, the demand for raw materials is determined, which is required for production. The planning of personnel or training requirements are also examples of a requirements analysis.

In materials management, requirements determination is one of the most important functions for ensuring that production runs smoothly. This involves determining the requirements for raw materials, consumables and supplies, as well as external construction materials and other parts.

In this area, the determination of requirements ensures that idle machines, which cost the company money, are avoided. The determination of exact demand figures and low inventory levels are significant advantages in this respect.

Personnel requirements planning is also an important aspect for companies and serves to better estimate future personnel requirements. The aim is to cover the personnel requirements and thus to achieve an optimal utilization. A distinction is made here between quantitative requirements (number of workers required) and qualitative requirements (skills of the workforce).

Targeted personnel requirements planning enables potential personnel bottlenecks to be identified at an early stage. This means that countermeasures can be initiated in good time and the company remains capable of acting. Measures to secure the workforce internally, for example through further training, can also be initiated thanks to sound personnel requirements planning.

Customer needs analysis is also an important form of requirements assessment.

You can use questionnaires for a needs analysis, for example, in the area of personnel development and further training. This will provide you with valuable information as to whether the personnel requirements match the workload or whether there is a need for further training on the part of your employees.

With easyfeedback you can easily create a needs analysis questionnaire. Use our needs analysis template or develop your own personal questionnaire.

First, determine what need you want to identify and then ask questions that will give you the information you need.

For example, if you want to inquire about the area of continuing education, you can ask the following questions:

  • What is your assessment of the quality of existing training?
  • Which training courses should we offer in addition to the existing ones?
  • How often would you take advantage of a further training measure?
  • Do you think it makes sense to cooperate with external institutions and why?

If you would like to review the current or future personnel requirements in a particular department, you can ask the following questions, for example:

  • How do you assess the staffing needs within your department/team?
  • How do you assess the current workload?
  • Will there be further staffing needs in the near future, for example due to retirement, termination or maternity leave?

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