Digitalize your processes with online questionnaires

Delete the word “survey” and set form or questionnaire. You will immediately think of many more ways to get feedback using online questionnaires: Needs analysis, lead generation, contact form or registration confirmations.

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Create fresh questionnaires and surprise customers and prospects with animated forms

Process optimization
Customer acquisition
Needs analysis

Process optimization

Improving work and administrative processes to increase efficiency are measures that are an important factor for the success of a company in times of digitalisation. Smaller processes with appropriate instruments can also have a great effect. Have you ever thought about converting paper forms against online forms for orders, product complaints or registrations, for example? Probably not yet. With a online questionnaire as a form, you can save yourself and your customers time and simplify processes.

Customer acquisition

With a online survey you can acquire new customers in a new way quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Why not place a survey for lead generation in your individual marketing campaigns or place a short online form for newsletter registration on your website or in addition to marketing measures. Capture new leads across the board. Once set up, you automatically collect your leads in one place. Tie them to your brand and increase your sales.

Needs analysis

What wishes and ideas do your customers and prospects have? Save valuable time and use digital questionnaires. This will help you to determine the concrete demand and to sell in a more targeted way. Place the needs analysis directly on your website or send each interested party a link by mail.

Your benefits with survey forms

Convenient for all involved

Online forms can be filled out and sent by your customers quickly, easily and flexibly from home. As a company, you save additional time by manually tracing the entered data through the automated recording.

Get insights

Design your online form as a survey and gain valuable insights, for example, into the wishes and needs of the customer or if a purchased product is complained about by the customer. Use the knowledge gained to develop measures in a timely manner.

Modern & surprising

Forms need not be boring. Let go of paper forms and create a modern experience with online forms as surveys.

A strong foundation of trust for your online forms

easyfeedback API-Schnittstelle

API - one interface, many possibilities

Read survey results, make them anonymous (DSGVO) or delete them. With our easyfeedback API (interface) you have the possibility to access your results and to connect and transfer them to third-party systems. With our API you can automate complex processes in customer service and react directly to dissatisfied customers.
DSGVO-konformer Datenschutz

Server location Germany

The security of your data and your customers has the highest priority. With easyfeedback you are using a tool that meets the requirements of German data protection according to DSGVO. The storage and processing of your data takes place exclusively in Germany. Find out everything about the measures and how you can implement your online forms in compliance with data protection regulations.
Fragebögen und Befragungen mit easyfeedback erstellen

easyfeedback - Software for online forms

Individual questionnaires adapted to your needs

Wide range of applications

The online forms from easyfeedback can be used in many areas of application, e.g. as a contact form, registration form or also for product complaints. Be creative and design your survey form for your appropriate application purpose.

Individualized branding

Adapt your online form with your logo, images, fonts and colors to your Corporate Design.

Device independent use

Whether desktop computer, tablet or smartphone – every survey in easyfeedback is automatically optimised for every end device.

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“We use easyfeedback for internal and external surveys – fast, convenient and “easy”! The uncomplicated and cordial support puts a smile on our faces and we are happy about the continuous development of the platform”.

Franziska Becker
Guild Lead User Experience Research
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“”The identification of user needs is part of the essential core of our business. easyfeedback has accompanied us in this task for several years. We especially appreciate the intuitive usability and the professional support.”

Jennifer Fischer
Guest & Competitor Insights Analyst
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The identification of user needs is an essential core of our business. Easyfeedback has accompanied us in this task for several years as a loyal partner. We particularly appreciate the intuitive usability of the survey tool and the professional support. As “heavy users”, we are also always pleased to receive new and innovative developments that make surveys and analyses even easier for us.

Franziska Becker
Guild Lead User Experience Research

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  • High customer satisfaction and loyalty over many years
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